Chie Matsui

By using mediums such as drawing, photography, sculpture, installation and video, Chie Matsui has created a substantial body of work communicating various contemporary and universal ideals. Her work reflects both personal and public memories through the use of highly symbolic material, exposing human nature in simplistic forms.
Matsui’s most recognized series HEIDI is a combination of allegorical stories and personal revelation. Performance and the interaction between body and space is a large component of Matsui’s video work; the ‘character’ navigates through the artist’s desired environment, childlike at times, however she encapsulates the essence of contemporary displacement through movement and sound.

Matsui chooses to create her video works within the space the artwork will be presented. The piece is unedited, utilizing the camera not as a form of documentation, but as an intrinsic part of the performance’s totality. The video subsequently becomes one with the space, yet also distanced and detached, reinforcing the artist’s attitude towards peoples dislocation with society and our surroundings.

Through the presentation of various states of human desire Matsui formulates the inner workings of social structures and breaks them down through symbolism and visual codes. Her work is rooted within a state of other-worldliness; dreamlike in its presentation yet hauntingly familiar.

Her installations include forms and objects of autobiographical reference, exuding a strong tactility often related to her body. Matsui envelops viewers within her art, allowing them to participate and navigate through her work/environment. The lusciousness and eerie beauty of her art, whether that is in video, photograph or sculptural form is a testament to Matsui’s training and breadth of skill.

Matsui has been exhibiting since the 80’s and has held solo showings in Japan and around the world. She has been invited to exhibit at the Venice Biennale, MOMA New York and the Yokohama International Triennial of Contemporary Art. Most recently she exhibited in Trace Elements, a group showing in Sydney, Australia.


Picture, and Its Friends
May. 13 – Jun. 11, 2017


Ms. Piece
Sep. 12 – Oct. 13, 2014


HEIDI 50 – on the day
Feb. 5 – Mar. 6, 2011

HEIDI 49, vision-mist, An Allegorical Vessel

HEIDI 49, vision-mist, An Allegorical Vessel
Oct. 17 – Nov. 14, 2009


An Allegorical Vessels – HEIDI 47
May 14 – 17, 2007


May 12 – 27, 2006


Nov. 4 – 22, 2003


Oct. 10 – 30, 2003