Chie Matsui, “An Allegorical Vessels – HEIDI 47”

MEM is proud to present an exhibition of Chie Matsui’s new paintings. A graduate of the Kyoto City University of Arts, Matsui has been active as an artist producing installations since the 1980’s. Through the 1990’s she has been introduced internationally in the projects exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in New York, SITE Santa Fe and others. Her works that combine large scale spatial structures and detailed objects have received high praise. In 2000 she started to exhibit video installations and at the 2005 Yokohama Triennale she garnered attention with her HEIDI series that boldly uses famous fables as a motif. Matsui created some of the works in this exhibition by request of HACO, a musician. These works that almost look like an illustrated storybook will be used as album jacket artwork for the release of his new album, Riska. The exhibition is centered around several of her large oil paintings but also include some works in watercolor. We will also hold a talk session with the musician, HACO. There will also be a screening of Matsui’s new video works at remo.


remo event:
Chie Matsui – Video Work  2000–2007
Screening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 5/5 (Friday) – 5/20 (Sunday)
Admission|1000 Yen

HACO × Chie Matsui – Live performance, talk session
Date|May 19, 2007, 19:00–21:00
Admission|1500 Yen