Japanese Modern Photography (JMP)

           JMP is a series of programs on Japanese modern photography introducing historical photographic movements and distinguished photographers.
           Our primary focus is on the amateur photo clubs which played important role in the development of modern photography in Japan. Until now we have introduced Naniwa Photography Club (1904–, Osaka), Tampei Photography Club (1930–, Osaka), Ashiya Camera Club (1930–, Ashiya) and K.P.S. (1925–, Kyoto) with more in the future in plan.
           In addition, we highlight individual photographers who were independent from these photography collectives such as Shigeru Onishi and Gen Otsuka.
           Although these photographers were influenced by European art and photography movements such as Bauhaus, Surrealism and Subjective Photography, they developed their own aesthetic under the social and political conditions of their time. JMP has endeavored to outline the history of Japanese modern photography from the 1920s to the 1950s by scrutinizing each photographer’s work and life.
           Each hyperlink on the right introduces the details of different artists and photography collectives. I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Japanese modern photography.