Wataru Takahashi (1900–1944)

Born in Fukuoka, Takahashi joined the Fukuoka Shayukai in 1935, after graduating from the law department of Kyushu Imperial University. While aiming to become a lawyer, he also began seriously engaging in photography. In 1936, he, Hisano Hisashi, and Wataru Yozo founded the Fukuoka Rollei Club. He was actively engaged in organizing exhibitions and inviting photographers to participate. He also submited his work and his writings to camera magazines such as Shashin Bunka and Camera Art. Société IRF was founded in 1939 by seven members: Takahashi, Hisashi Hisano, Giichiro Konomi, Zentoku Tanaka, Hitori Yoshizaki, craftsman Iwataro Koike, and painter Ito Kenshi. Takahashi guided the goup’s activity as a theorist and contributed a manifesto to Foto Times (October, 1939) . He photographed clowns, actors, dancers and objects from daily lives, sometimes making use of overlays of negatives and positive images. As the IRF’s activities ended around 1941, Takahashi shifted his subject to ethnographic issues and local documentaries in Gokanosho, Kumamoto and Miyakojima, Okinawa.



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