Chie Matsui|This Year’s “Pictures” and Their Friends

Dates|October 9 – 31, 2021
Venue|MEM map
Hours|13:00 – 19:00
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Chie Matsui, a graduate of Kyoto City University of Arts, began exhibiting large scale installation works from the 1980s. She has been featured in various international exhibitions such as “project 57” at MoMA, New York and the 44th Biennale di Venezia. Since the 2000s she has focused on the production of her series of video works, HEIDI. In concert with her installations and video works, she has concurrently continued to produce drawings.
Matsui metaphorically refers to her own work as a ‘vessel of allegories.’ For her, her work is a space where stories can be born, a vessel which holds allegories. It is there that she probes the sensibility the nascent story.
She also used this metaphor as the title for her first solo show of oil paintings and drawings in 2007 at MEM, Vessel of Allegories. Later in 2014, MEM hosted Ms. piece, an exhibition of drawings on paper, which was also shown simultaneously at Yokohama Triennale.
This exhibition, This Year’s “Pictures” and Their Friends, is a continuation of Picture (and its Friends), held at MEM in 2017, which centered around her oil paintings and other pictures which use non-traditional techniques and materials. Matsui refers to her ‘works’ as ‘pictures.’ To produce these ‘pictures,’ she uses brushes, clothes, and her fingers; for material, she uses oil paint, watercolor, nail enamel, and carbon paper. This exhibition will explore the sensibilities that Matsui has probed in her ‘vessels.’

Installation view

Matsui performed at this exhibition on October 9th. Find a recording video on Vimeo.


 Ms. Piece: instagram

Picture (and its Friends): note (Japanese text only)

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