HEIDI53 – none (2013)
The scenes for these two video works were staged in the soy sauce warehouses of the old city district of Tatsuno, Hyogo prefecture. The artist wanders among the disused facilities, articulating gestures that go against the supposed movements of the soy sauce makers. This work is comprised of two elements––“Echo” is a trip through past memories utilizing musical instruments and “None” involves the erasure of memories through painterly gestures. In “Echo”, the artist plays different musical instruments and reads aloud an old newspaper in place of the silent machines no longer in use. In “None”, the artist creates a canvas painting and then covers it in white paint. In an abandoned factory no longer occupied by workers, the work focuses on the unknown people that once occupied the site.


HEIDI51 – Blackboard

HEIDI52 – Black & White

HEIDI51 – on the day (2011)

HEIDI45 (2005)

HEIDI47 – shoe 2007


HEIDI46 – brick house 2006