Anima / Animus

In Latin, Anima means “the soul.”
The psychologist, Carl Jung, defined Anima as the unconscious feminine aspect in the male and Animus as the unconscious masculine aspect in the female. I have utilized this concept.
Either Anima or Animus, they are the part of the human unconscious that is hidden to live in society. One might call them the other side of the typical superficial images of masculinity and femininity. In terms of romantic partners or even art, it is believed that this Anima/Animus has an influence.
Most of this work was photographed within the estate of the late painter, Kaneko Kuniyoshi.
I feel the figures that Kaneko projects in his work are the inner characters of his unconscious. At times it might be a devilish young girl, at others it might be a virile image of a man that appear almost like an alter ego… I believe that the scales of that Anima/Animus call out to the souls of the people who love his artwork. They call out to teach us, “there is something I want to keep secret and it is very precious.” When I stepped foot into the room that had lost it’s master, the room of Kaneko Kuniyoshi, it was packed with personal objects that sparkled like a jewel box with Vintage Vogue magazines, Steiff plush dolls, antique lamps… Kaneko had breathed his love and his soul into each and every one of these countless objects. They enfold any visitor like a beautiful departed spirit or fairy. By personifying this invisible essence with my camera, I captured this deteriorating beautiful room. And at the same time, perhaps in these photos the inner characters of these photographic subjects are present. Or perhaps it is merely the Anima/Animus of the photographer herself.

Ayano Sudo

[Work Size]
Edition 12
Image size 305×381mm
Frame size 420×520mm

Edition 7
Image size 577×721mm
Frame size 908×1130mm

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Installation view

2018      Ayano Sudo exhibition Anima/Animus – The Chamber of Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Ginza Mitsukoshi art gallery, Tokyo


2022      Anima / Animus, NADiff Gallery, Tokyo