Since the ancient times people have called such girls somewhere as “the god’s spirited-offs”, and in view of a sudden vanishing phenomenon of their sighs people believed they had gone to the god’s world. In present days, however, you would see the age, the looks, the clothing, the missing time and date, etc. on the missing list. While reading deeply the list I feel somewhat very dreadful things about those missing girls, which reminds me of another thing as well. Those girls in reality might have by now lived somewhere in a land unknown. Those girls listed, however, having got out of the time axis of this world at the time of missing, exist somewhere being as the girl of the eternity without getting any old. I, with my body and spirit having been leaving myself minute by minute as a girl as time goes by, have come to have admiration and strong consciousness for being girls and also a strange feeling of “sacredness” about them. I, therefore, have made up my mind to work on producing my portraits each of which was made after one of some of those missing girls. I am wondering what a feeling of those “girls of eternity” would be about.- Portraits of the girls who have gone to somewhere in a world unreachable and pressed flowers of their eternally unchanged colors.

Ayano Sudo