In the ancient times, girls who went missing were said to have been “spirited away,” that phenomenon of sudden disappearance. People believed that they had gone to the “world of the gods.” In modern times, information about these missing young girls is compiled into a list with their physical features, their clothes and the times that they went missing. Reading through this list of girls who have gone to that strange and mysterious world, I started to feel such a dreadful fear that I became speechless and was taken by another consideration.
Maybe those girls are decomposing somewhere, or they might be living in another unknown place.
Perhaps those girls on the list were dislodged from the time axis of this world when they went missing and they continue to exist as young girls in some alternative reality, never to age, for eternity.
As I become further and further, physically and mentally, from the young girl I once was, I have become aware of a strong yearning to “be a young girl” and feel the “sacredness” that each one of these girls uniquely holds.

So, I decided to produce portraits taking on the role of each of these missing girls.
I wonder what these “eternal girls” feel.
These are the portraits of those girls who have gone to that unreachable world, like pressed flowers, never to fade.

Ayano Sudo