Ayano Sudo

Sudo captures her subjects with a sense of idealism and a desire for transformation that often transcends gender for her photographic work that reminds the viewer of shojo manga, comics for adolescent girls. She uses photographic printing paper with a unique texture and decorates them with rhinestones and glitter which sparkle under the lights of the exhibition space. She has exhibited her works domestically and internationally. In 2011 she won the Mio photo award given by Yasumasa Morimura. Three years later in 2014 Gesprenster, her series of self-portraits where she dressed up as missing young girls, won the Canon New Cosmos of Photography competition. In 2018 her work was featured in the group show, I know something about love, asian contemporary photography at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. She also has a photobook with the same title published by the French publisher Holoholo Books. In addition to her exhibitions she also is active as a photographer shooting for various magazine publications.


Jan. 7 – 30, 2022


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