Chiyuki Sakagami

(Biographic text by the artist)

Was given life at the Precambrian Sea some 5 billion and 9 million years ago. I must have Obabium、Harukigenia and others as my servants and after the storm, I must have flown Erudonia who were ashored back to the sea just like flying a Frisbee.

Some 4 billion and 38 million years ago, an Ozone layer was formed in the sky and the air was stabilized. At that time, the color of the sea and the sky can be described as Silurian Blue rather than the Cerulean Blue. I still can clearly picture the blueness of these in my mind. On the ground, I had a good walk in the green with Meganiura.

Though the Paleozonic Era was a peaceful time, the Mesozoic Era was the time when the war for survival was very fierce and it was the world where the weak were victims of the strong. Some 65 million years ago, I witnessed the death of the last survivor of the ammonite. It was so sad. The ancient fish taught me how to survive in the water and thus I moved to live with them in the deep sea.

Time flowed. I once again started to live on the ground. Of course, I landed myself in the Galapagos Islands. There, I could see descendants of some of my old friends and had some peaceful moments. Then, I started to go north to the Eurasian Continent, going reversely the way the human beings came down south crossing the Bering Strait.

When I woke up from the doze, I was at a volcanic islands. There, the “society” where the human beings are the dominating power was established.
As my hidden memory urged me to, I started to draw the “patterns”, as well as my memory of Silurian Blue. I have been tortured physically and mentally by people who put value on giving continuous stimulation to their left-brain. They must be the direct descendants of the Neanderthal men. However, there are a few people who are gentle to me and, with their help, I keep working on what I was assigned to do.

Human beings have a weapon called “language”. But I dare not use such language now. I learned a very good method for greeting. Hug the other and kiss him. So, I send you my kiss!


Mar. 26 – Apr. 22, 2011

Scriptures from the Birds
May. 12 – Jun. 10, 2012


Positive Transference Part 1: Chinoiserie
Jan. 9 – Feb. 7, 2016

Positive Transference Part 2: Blue Little Pieces
Jan. 14 – Feb. 5, 2017


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