“The Elu[va]sive Japanese Portrait”, lecture by Ayelet Zohar


The Elu[va]sive Japanese Portrait: Repetition, Difference and Multiplicity
Lecturer: Ayelet Zohar
Date: Sunday, January 29, 5:00pm
Place: MEM map
Capacity: 30 persons (first-come)
Language: English
Admission free
Japanese interpreter: Ryosuke Kondo (Culture and Representation Course Graduate
School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

 Dr. Ayelet Zohar is a lecturer at the department of Asian Studies, University of Haifa, the East-Asian Studies dept. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as an art critic,curator and artist. In 2005, Zohar has curated a major exhibition for the Tikotin Museum ofJapanese Art in Haifa, Israel. The exhibition was titled Postgender: Gender, Sexuality andPerformativity in contemporary Japanese Art. The collection of articles was published under the same title by Cambridge Scholars in 2009. Zohar specializes in Visual Culture, Photographic history, contemporary photograph, video and installation-art.
 We will hold a lecture based on the article, “The Elu[va]sive Japanese Portrait: Repetition, Difference and Multiplicity”, recently published by Zohar in Trans Asia Photography Review. Zohar will talk about a repetition, difference and multiplicity of the portrait in contemporary Japanese photograph. This article is discussion about works of Yasumasa Morimura, Tomoko Sawada, Kozue Takagi, Ryudai Takano and Cao Fei. In addition, it is written about series of “our face” by Ken Kitano whose exhibition being held at MEM.

Link: The Elu[va]sive Japanese Portrait: Repetition, Difference and Multiplicity