Don’t try

1: Near Shinjuku. Met this fellow at the wicket at Shibuya Station and took the same train to Nakano. Photographed him while the train was in motion.


2: Ueno. Snuck back stage at a fashion show at Ueno Park.


3: Harajuku. Two favorite Rollers, plus young people practicing to entertain at a wedding.


4: Harajuku. A guy, who works at a sports gym, with an amazing chest and waist. A few centimeters more and he’ll be in Guinness World Records.


5: Shibuya. This is an elevator-style junkyard squeezed between two commercial buildings.


6: Harajuku. Takeshita-dori, ever the place of teenagers’ dreams.


7: Shinjuku. An alien world has appeared in Kabukicho. Are these robots or human beings?


8: Asakusa. The day of the Sanja Festival. Horse, people, faces, faces, faces.


9: Omotesando. A dense forest of people.


10: Asakusa. Middle-aged fan girls and images of young enka ballad singers in a record store.


11: Shinjuku. The Tori no Ichi Festival there is famous for its freak show. I was blown away by the powerful lettering that appears in the upper part of the photograph.


12: Ueno. Two girls are street dancing with utter delight.


13: Harajuku. When I asked, “May I take your picture?” I was told, “We’re going to take a group photo over there – whon’t you come?” I did, and it was a huge group photograph! (Wow!)


14: The Meiji Shrine is up ahead, Takeshita-dori on the right, Yoyogi Park on the left, and Omotesando in the rear. Here at this intersection where cultures collide were a way too amazing classic American car and a dandified male.


15: Omotesando. Hey, Easy Riders, got your freedom?


16: Harajuku. Jimmy has just arrived in Tokyo from Sendai. Look at his gear gleaming in the


17: sunlight. He’s got the punch to pitch a fight in Tokyo.


18: Shinjuku. A man playing the shakuhachi. The police stopped him immediately.


19: Omotesando. When I hear a motorcycle’s exhaust notes at the intersection, I sense something good is coming.


20: Harajuku. I spoke to him, but he did not respond. Repeating “Please let me take your picture” as thought it were a prayer to the Buddha, I photographed him.


21: Harajuku. A man was intensely watching Rollers dance. His powers of observation were really impressive. Looking at his hands, I sawa a craftman’s hands.


22: Shinjuku. The dog and its owner have the same eyes. Is it hereditary?


23: Shinjuku. A lady trying on boots and her two bodyguards. #8 Ring Road, Setagara Ward. I spotted this fellow with a Harley and sidecar setup at the roll booth for the Daisan Keihin Expressway. I followed him on my Triumph, intercepting him where he was waiting for a light to change. I must have asked him about his biker history but my memories of the shooting have vanished.