Keizo Motoda

Keizo Motoda started a regular column called “ON THE STREET” in the newspaper, Osaka Shimbun, from 1996, in which he introduced people he met on the streets through text and pictures. The series eventually became the origin of his creative style that we see today. In every column, one picture and a text told the story of the person he’d come across that day, which vividly described the brief moment of encounter and the characters of his subjects.

The people Motoda had taken, had always been those who emitted a special air about them which made them stand out even in the crowds, and with a particular view of life.

Another characteristic of the series is that Motoda follows them through the course of their life, and takes same people he had once taken, after certain periods of time, from the 90s until today. Motoda and their life intersect continuously, which involve dialogues and sometimes some happenings in their private life, prompting a strange relationship of mutual trust, which eventually made his pictures even more alluring.


September 15 – October 14, 2018

“Keizo Motoda exhibition”
July 12 – 28, 2019


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