The Piece, from Internal Impregnation, 2019

A part of the works exhibited in the exhibition “DECODE/Events & Materials, The work of Art in the Age of Post-Industrial Society” at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama in 2019 were reconstructed to fit the space at MEM in 2021.

Images of construction sites and material yards line up on approximately 100 x 2000 cm rolls of photographic paper that cover the walls and hang from the ceiling, on 8×10 photographic paper that covers the walls to the floor in a grid pattern, and on photographic paper objects wrapped in plastic wrap. Between these photographs, a CRT television and projector project images of past installations shot on 8mm film.


“The Piece, from Internal Impregnation”
Gelatin silver print, video(convert 8mm film to DVD, b&w, silent, loop), Styrofoam, Plastic sheet, Dimensions variable