Noriko Yamaguchi “A Story Repeated”

Date|February 6 — March 1, 2020
Venue|MEM map
Open hours|12:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays [Unless it is a public holiday or a compensating holiday, in which case will be closed on Tuesday.]

Artist Talk & Opening Reception
Date&Hour|February 8, 18:00 〜
Guest|Takeshi Honda (Artist)
Admission free, Japanese version only.
Opening reception will be held after the talk.

Yamaguchi graduated from the painting department of the Kyoto City University of Arts. She has presented several series since 2004, including KEITAI GIRL and PEPPERMINT GIRL. Through these series, Yamaguchi tackles different issues centered around one’s senses as related to bodily sensations influenced by the development of the contemporary digital society.

In A Story Repeated, Yamaguchi presents a new body of paintings with references to Asian folklore and mythology, such as fertility deities, and sometimes remixed with iconic celebrities from music videos. The image of a lace curtain has been added over the top of the painting. This ‘curtain’ blurs the perspective of the painting, making viewers feel like they are peeping through a crack in the curtains.

The exhibition is being held as one of the Partnership Programs of the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions.

Noriko Yamaguchi graduated with a postgraduate degree from Kyoto City University of Arts. In 2004, she was a recipient of the Panel of Judges Award at the 21st-Century Asia Design Competition and again as the winner of a young artists’ competition hosted by the Osaka Contemporary Art Center. She has been nominated for the Sovereign Art Prize twice, in 2008 and 2009. Yamaguchi works and lives in Tokyo.