Hiroshi Mizuta “Delicate Rectangles”

Date:October 3 – November 1, 2015
Venue:MEM map
open hours:12:00-20:00 closed on Mondays [Tue. if the Mon. is a public holiday]
tel. +81-(0)3-6459-3205

Opening reception:3rd (Sat.) October, 18:00 – 20:00

Paintings are usually rendered on a rectangular paper or canvas. What starts out as a hard blank white rectangle is neutralized through the painting process and increasingly takes on a delicateness. But mid-way, the painting begins to assume another kind of hardness. The more one works on the painting the more solid it becomes at which point I become hopelessly drawn to its prior delicateness and feel I want to reverse what I had already done.

How can I build the depth and profundity of an image while preserving its delicacy? Thinking about this for a long time is what has led me to my current approach towards painting.

Hiroshi Mizuta