MO YI ”Caged Beast”

Dates: September 28 – October 28, 2012
Venue: MEM map
open hours:12:00-20:00 closed on Mondays
tel. +81-(0)3-6459-3205

Opening Reception: September 28, 19:00 –
The artist will attend the reception.

Mo Yi is one of the artists who took city as main subject in the 1980s. He traversed Tianjin shooting people on street with a camera held on the back of his neck. The rapid urbanization process in China produced alienation and political and economic turbulence. The artist said he took these photos as the storm was brewing, and just before and after the storm broke.

“These series record and symbolize both the collective state of the country and my mental state. Significant social events are related to me. It is only because of my sincerity and enthusiasm that I used photographic methods and languages correctly. Here, presenting society, other people, and emotions is equivalent to presenting myself; society completes the artwork.”

The exhibition focuses on early series in the 1980s such as My Illusory City and 1m-The scenery behind me.