Charles Fréger

Charles Freger is a free-lance photographer born in 1975 in Bourges, France. He studied fine art at L’Ecole regional des beaux-arts de Rouen. Since his early days, he dedicated himself to portraits, photographing poetic and anthropological representation of social groups such as athletes, school children, military personnel, etc. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and abroad, and also in international festivals such as Les Rencontres d’Arles. He has traveled in Japan, photographing young SUMO wrestlers as well as young trainees in SUMO stables. These were shown in his solo exhibition RIKISHI, held at Yokohama Museum of Art Gallery in 2005. He is also the founder of the artistic community Piece of Cake (


Jul. 22 – Aug. 12, 2008

Mar. 15 – Apr. 13, 2014

Feb. 10 – Apr. 10, 2016


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