Hiroko Komats|SILENT SOUND

Dates|August 6 – 14, 2021
Venue|MEM map
The gallery is closed on Mondays that are not national holidays. (The gallery will be open on Monday, August 9th and close the next day on Tuesday, August 10th.)
Entrance Fee|Online Reservation – Adults ¥900 / Students ¥600
Entrance Fee|Regular Admission – Adults ¥1,000 / Students ¥700 (Cash Only)

MEM will present three film installation by Hiroko Komatsu.
From 2019 to 2020, Komatsu filmed three live music performances with her 8mm camera. These films are compilations of each of the three performances. Each film will be projected simultaneously using three different super 8 projectors with a unique looping mechanism. The roll film will dynamically cut across the length of the gallery and go through pulleys attached to the wall creating seven-to-eight-minute film loops. Although records of live performances, the films are silent. The only audible accompaniment to the films is the mechanical rattling of the three projectors. The imagery is reminiscent of Komatsu’s other abstract works that focus on unidentifiable industrial areas. Komatsu deprives the viewer of not only music, which is the essence of a live concert, but other fundamental elements as well. We do not know who the performers are, nor when and where the performances took place. All that is captured on the black and white 8mm film are periodic reflections of light and hydralike tangles of cables connecting the various sequencers and equipment. Komatsu’s abstract moving images flow indifferently.

In a small room connected to the main exhibition, three framed gelatin silver prints related to the projected films hang on the walls. On a table in the center of the room are her new “photographic sculptures.” They are multiples, limited edition artworks, newly published to accompany the exhibition. Each “photographic sculpture” is wrapped in plastic containing a DVD and 15 sheets of printed images. There are several special edition “photographic sculptures” which also include an original gelatin silver print. They are wrapped with a photographic printing paper which is printed with the same image as the original gelatin silver print included in the special edition. The “photographic sculptures” are based on Komatsu’s previous Wrap series which were Styrofoam boxes covered with photo prints and wrapped in plastic.

This exhibition is titled Silent Sound and features Komatsu’s new experimental installation focused on the moving image. Through various mediums, she explores layers of imagery beyond time and space.

In addition to the screening, we have published a booklet with a DVD of the films.

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Gen Umezu, “Another World – ANYWAY, WE DEPARTED”, Hiroko Komatsu – SILENT SOUND, MEM, 2021

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The video work will be exhibited on a loop with no specific start or end times. Reservations are not fixed-timed, feel free to visit the exhibition anytime during our hours of operation.

Entrance Fee|Online Reservation – Adults ¥900 / Students ¥600  please click here
Entrance Fee|Regular Admission – Adults ¥1,000 / Students ¥700 (Cash Only)

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Multiple artworks by Komatsu published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Hiroko Komatsu – Silent Sound

▼Standard version
Limited edition of 270, each editioned and signed

15 photographic reproductions (offset print), 203×203mm each
Booklet, 20 pages, 7 plates
DVD (15’19”, B&W, silent)

Box size|215×215×23mm
Photographs and movies|Hiroko Komatsu
Text|Hiroko Komatsu, Gen Umezu
Design|Tadao Kawamura
Language|Japanese, English
Published by MEM
Date|August, 2021
Price|5,000Yen (Tax, shipping costs not included)


▼Special version
Limited editions of 30, each editioned and signed

In addition to the standard edition, the Special Edition version will include a 203×203mm (8×8inch) original gelatin silver print. The box will also be wrapped using 50.8x61cm(20x24inch) original print of the same image. Each prints are singed by the artist.
Special Price, First 10 copies: 36,000Yen (excluding tax, shipping costs)
Price for the rest of 20 copies: 45,000Yen (excluding tax, shipping costs)