Natsuko Tanihara “MATSUROWANU-MONO”

Date|October 15 – November 10, 2019
Venue|MEM map
Open hours|12:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays [Unless it is a public holiday or a compensating holiday, in which case will be closed on Tuesday.]

Artist Talk & Opening Reception
Date&Hour|October 19, 18:00 –
Guest|Yasuyuki Nakai (Deputy Director and Chief Curator of The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
Admission free, Japanese version only.
Opening reception will be held after the talk.

When Tanihara paints, instead of using a regular canvas, she stretches a black velvet cloth across the panel. As a base she uses oil paints but occasionally uses sequin and glitter to develop her unique world. The unpainted sections of the painting have a jet-black darkness. The spirit worlds, nightmares, apparitions, demons, vengeful spirits, possessed souls and violence that are thoroughly depicted in Tanihara’s work parallelly exist as an alternate reality on the other side of our world. Matsurawanu-mono refer to, “those disobedient tribes who continued to fiercely resist the Yamato Imperial Court during its establishment.” Tanihara depicts the stories of Matsurawanu-mono. They walk the dark paths of society, only able to exist in dark places; her job as a painter is to compose the narrative worlds of these people. Tanihara has continued to produce artwork living together with these beings with a deep sense of empathy.
Tanihara Natsuko is currently working towards for her doctorate degree at the Kyoto City University of Arts. In 2015, she received the 7th Kinutani Koji Award. In 2016 she revived a VOCA Shoureisho (Second Place Prize). In 2017 Itsushima Memorial Cultural Rookie of the Year Award. This exhibition is Tanihara’s first one person show in Tokyo.