Schoolgirls : Tomoko Sawada

Decemer 8 to 24, 2005
Reception: December 8, PM5-7
Gallery hours: AM11:00-PM7:00
Closed on Sundays and National holidays

Press Release

We are pleased to announce Tomoko Sawada’s solo exhibition, Schoolgirls-School Days + cover/Face.
Tomoko Sawada’s theme is the interrelation between one’s appearance and inner self. She produces numerous personalities by manipulating her self-portrait.

At “Schoolgirls”, Sawada will show two series: “School Days” and “cover/Face”. For the series School days, there are 10 classroom memorial photographs, which look like ordinary photos you may have as a memory of your high-school period. But, if you look at them closely you will realize that Sawada herself performs all the students and teachers. And “cover/Face”, also her self-portraits, deals with fashion trends among Japanese teenage girls.
Through the series, Sawada explores the possibilities of one’s persona with her self-portraits.
Tomoko Sawada lives and works in Kobe, Japan. She was awarded The Twentieth Annual ICP Infinity Award for Young Photographers and Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award in 2004. For further information, click here