Antoine d’Agata began shooting for Virus around March 17th, 2020, when the French government announced lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The shooting continued for almost two months until the middle of May of the same year. In addition to Paris, he also shot at hospitals in several other cities, including Taverny and Marseille. D’Agata used a thermal camera that captures temperature distributions. The series juxtaposes photographs of city streets and hospital interiors, capturing the pandemic that rages both outside and inside. In the empty city streets, isolated individuals and the homeless loiter at a loss of what to do, and in intensive care units, patients lay helplessly. People, environments, and buildings are all deprived of their defining characteristics and reduced to a color spectrum of red and orange. The images suggest the presence of the COVID-19 and highlight our coexistence with it.

[Work Size]
Edition 15
Image size 300×400mm
Frame size 420×520mm

Edition 5
Image size 600×800mm
Frame size 773×973mm approx.

Edition 3
Image size 900×1200mm

All images in this series are available in three sizes.
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Interview with Antoine d’Agata in 2022.