Yasue Kodama | Deep Rhyme

*80pages 35plates
*Soft cover
*Text:Toshiaki Minemura, Yasue Kodama
*Design:Kenta Shibano
*Language:Japanese, English
*Published by MEM

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Chiyuki Sakagami “Scripture of the Birds “

The book consists of a series of drawings with blue ink on paper that Sakagami exhibited at MEM in 2012. She pays an homage to the birds, the creature she loves the most on the earth.
*62pages, 26plates
*Soft cover
*Test:Kenjiro Hosaka (curator of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
*Design:Yoshihisa Tanaka
*Translation:Nobuko Aiso
*Language:Japanese, English
*Published by MEM

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Ken Kitano “our face: Asia”

Ken Kitano creates composite photographs using multiple portraits of people who belong to particular groups.
In each of these pieces, the “Individual” disappears from the photo paper, and is replaced by “our face”.
Communities with diverse cultures, customs and standpoints are represented.
The culmination of a 15-year-long project by Kitano, this book presents material gathered both in Japan and throughout Asia.

*304pages, 133plates
*Art Director: Satoshi Machiguchi (match and Company,inc.)
*Editor: Hisako Motoo (eyesencia)
*Collaboration: Katsuya Ishida (MEM, Tokyo)
*Text: Yu Hidaka
*All the text are translated in japanese, English, and Chinese.
*Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

*Special 100 limited edition accompanied with one original gelatin silver print is also available from MEM.
*Print: our face, 30 Geiko and Maiko performers for the Kyo-Odori of Miyagawa-cho, April 4 and 5, 2003, Performance Studio in Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto, Japan
( 8×10 inches, each signed, titled and numbered on verso)

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Ken Kitano “Flow and Fusion”

*108pages, 23 plates,
*made by ‘watoji’; Japanese traditional book binding technique hard cover with dust jacket covered by fine cloth
*Regular edition 400 (each signed, numbered)
*Special edition accompanied with one original gelatin silver print, edition 100
*Published by MEM
*Designed by Satoshi Machiguchi (math and company, inc.) / Edited by Hisako Motoo (eyesencia)

Tomoaki Ishihara “the imaginary number”

*10 plates
*Seigensha Art Publishing

Tomoko Sawada “School Days”

*10 plates
*Seigensha Art Publishing

Tomoko Sawada “ID400″

*Seigensha Art Publishing

Tomoko Sawada “

*Seigensha Art Publishing

Tomoko Sawada “MASQUERADE”


Yasumasa Morimura “a Story of M’s self-portrait”



Chie Matsui, Keiji Nakamura “We Never Went Out on a Date”

*many reproductions of Matsui’s drawings
*essay by Nakamura and Matsui
*Attached DVD contains three video pieces by Matsui
*limited copies of 1000 available from the gallery